Championship clubshow EGCN

Over the moon!
Two weeks after winning Clubwinner 2019 at the PDC club, Diva does is again!!

Kidéro’s Defying Gravity
CAC/BOB/Clubwinner 2019 EGCN

Kidéro’s Everything’s Alright

Kidéro’s Breedersgroup
– Kidéro’s Don’t Stop Me Now
– Kidéro’s Defying Gravity
– Kidéro’s Everything’s Alright 

Thanks to my friends for all the help and the fun, we had a wonderful day.

Dutch Lowchenclan

Championship clubshow PDC

What a day! Championship Clubshow PDC
Kidéro’s Defying Gravity did it! 

BOB and Clubwinner 2019, topped off with a BIS 5.

And a ticket for the Dog of the Year show.
Breedjudge: mrs Svarstad (SE)
BIS judge: mr Svarstad (SE)

Thank you to everyone who cheered for us, you know who you are!

Bundessieger, Dortmund

Kidéro’s Defying Gravity opened her German account with CAC/resCACIB with a super critique under German judge Willy Gullix. 
We did an official eye test and all clear!

IDS Rotterdam

Today, after a few months break, we showed at the IDS Rotterdam. 
*** Kidéro’s Defying Gravity*** Best Bitch with CAC/CACIB. 
There was an entry of 8 Lowchens under judge mrs. Dagmar Klein.


While working on my new website I’m also waiting for Sharon to have her first litter. Puppies are expected at the end of April, so keep an eye on this site. Are you interested in a puppy or want to know more about the breed? Send me an e-mail!