Championship clubshow EGCN

Over the moon!
Two weeks after winning Clubwinner 2019 at the PDC club, Diva does is again!!

Kidéro’s Defying Gravity
CAC/BOB/Clubwinner 2019 EGCN

Kidéro’s Everything’s Alright

Kidéro’s Breedersgroup
– Kidéro’s Don’t Stop Me Now
– Kidéro’s Defying Gravity
– Kidéro’s Everything’s Alright 

Thanks to my friends for all the help and the fun, we had a wonderful day.

Dutch Lowchenclan

Championship clubshow PDC

What a day! Championship Clubshow PDC
Kidéro’s Defying Gravity did it! 

BOB and Clubwinner 2019, topped off with a BIS 5.

And a ticket for the Dog of the Year show.
Breedjudge: mrs Svarstad (SE)
BIS judge: mr Svarstad (SE)

Thank you to everyone who cheered for us, you know who you are!