About me


just a few words to tell you about me and my kennel, situated in the Netherlands. Some 20+ years ago I thought it was time to get myself a dog. With a young family and kids crawling on the floor it had to be one that didn’t shed. At that moment not easy to find. Dog encyclopedia proved I’m fond of long coated breeds, but  still all I saw wasn’t what I was searching for. To cut a long story short, just around the corner there was a breeder of Coton the Tulear. A white, long coated, non shedding rare toy breed. I saw them and fell in love. That was the breed I had been looking for.

This was the start of something I could not foresee at that moment. I got addicted to showing, and started breeding after doing a course and getting a certificate. The name Kidéro’s is formed from the first letters of our children’s names.

I learned a lot and bred some litters which resulted in two home bred champions. And then something happened and I still don’t know what and when. My eye got attracted to a dog I had not seen before. This was about 8-9 years ago. I found out it was a breed called Lowchen (Leeuwhondjes, nl). I got more info, got in contact with the Dutch breeders, and that resulted in really wanting to own one.

Times had changed in the years, internet was there with loads of breeders sites, and I must have looked at hundreds of pictures. With the knowledge I had from the past breeding years I finally set my mind on where I wanted to get my first Lowchen from. When our Finnish import Nena finally set foot in our garden I was completely sold. Emmi came soon after that.

I started to realize that this lively funny sweet breed fitted me even better than the Cotons. It took some time but finally I made the decision to focus 100% on Lowchens. This resulted in a whole new world with new friends and trips to different countries, to see and show dogs. A world I feel at home.

I can say by now that Lowchens have become an addiction and passion.


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