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IDS Hazerswoude

On March 17 Kidéro’s Call My Name “Julie” came out in intermediate class for the first time under judge mrs. Melchior.
She went home with CAC/CACIB and was BOS! Congrats to her owner Kristina!!

Benelux Winner Rotterdam

First show of Wanted The Buoyancy “Emmi” in veteranclass. And she did great!
Emmi won CAC/Best Bitch/Best Veteran/Benelux Veteran Winster 2017. And on top of that BIS 3 Veteran out of 65 veterans!!!

Her daughter Kidéro’s Basic Instinct “Sharon” got RCAC/CACIB and Benelux Winster NL 2017.

Breedjudge: Mrs. Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster
Veterangroup judge: Mr. Gerard Mensink

Benelux Winner Rotterdam
© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven

IDS Rotterdam

july 26, 2015

Showing only on Sunday and an entry of 5 Lowchens. That is a lot overhere. Sharon won CAC/CACIB and BOB from open class, leaving all champions behind her. I am so damn proud of my little girl!
Judge was mrs. J. Wall from Ireland.

© KYNOWEB - - Photo by Ernst von Scheven

Norwegian Clubshow

June 7, 2015
Again I was able to travel to Norway to meet my friends and enjoy the clubshow. This years judge was Sylvie Soula from France, who got an entry of 48 Lowchens.
I got the chance to show a brace. Well…I was more or less forced to hahaha, but it was fun. No practice and two gorgeous males who wanted to mate each other. But we did it and they got Best Brace!
Wanted the Kiterunner & Belgross Joop van Kelly.