IDS Hazerswoude

On March 17 Kidéro’s Call My Name “Julie” came out in intermediate class for the first time under judge mrs. Melchior.
She went home with CAC/CACIB and was BOS! Congrats to her owner Kristina!!

World Dog Show 2017

Leipzig, Germany

40 Lowchens entered under judge mrs. Vija Klucniece.

Kidéro’s Call My Name 2 Exc. in a strong Junior class of 8!!

Congratulations to Kristina and Olivier for getting the best out of her. I’m so proud of you all!

Kidéro’s Call My Name
Kidéro’s Call My Name

IDS Bleiswijk

What a day!

Wanted The Buoyancy was Best Bitch, Best Veteran, CAC. And to top it off she was BIS 2 Veteran!

Wanted The Buoyancy

Belgross Amazing Affects was finally old enough to become champion. And she did! With RCAC and CACIB she is now Dutch Champion!

Belgross Amazing Affects

Breedjudge was mrs. José Zijlmans
Veteran group judge was mrs. Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster

IDS Zwolle IJsselshow

Here she is, new Dutch Veteran Champion
Wanted The Buoyancy!!! She’s on a roll!
Today at the Int. Dogshow Zwolle she was best bitch with CAC, best veteran and selected again in Veteran main ring with the best 6. No placement but ex aequo BIS 4 Veteran.
Breedjudge mr P. Burema
Veteran group judge mrs vd Bogert.


IDS Maastricht

Another super performance of our veteran Wanted The Buoyancy!
Wanted The Buoyancy ‘Emmi’ entered her second show in veteran class and again showed her socks off!
BOB/BOB veteran and to top it off she was awarded BIS 2 Veteran!!!
Emmi’s granddaughter Kidéro’s Call My Name ‘Julie’ was Res. Best Bitch. Congrats to owners and handler Kristina & Olivier
Thank you breedjudge Erwin Manders and veteran groupjudge D. Rutten!

© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven
© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven


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